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Samarium chloride, SmCl3

Samarium chloride, SmCl3, is a very pale yellow, hygroscopic, crystalline solid which darkens when heated and melts to a brown liquid.

From aqueous solution the hexahydrate, SmCl3.6H2O, separates in large, yellow tablets of density 2.383 (Cleve). The monohydrate, SmCl3.H2O, is also known. Samarium aurichloride, SmCl3.AuCl3.10H2O, crystallises in orange prisms; the chloroplatinate has the formula 2(SmCl3.PtCl4).21H2O.

Anhydrous samarium chloride absorbs ammonia. The following compounds are known, their dissociation pressures being 760 mm. at the temperatures given opposite the formulae: -

SmCl3.NH3 - 375° C.
SmCl3.2NH3 - 240° C.
SmCl3.3NH3 - 200° C.
SmCl3.4NH3 - 155° C.
SmCl3.5NH3 - 105° C.
SmCl3.8NH3 - 76° C.
SmCl3.9.5NH3 - 40° C.
SmCl3.11.5NH3 -15° C.
Curiously enough, a compound with 6NH3 does not appear to exist.

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