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Samarium is widely used in superpower magnets. When it is doped with zircon, hafnium, copper, iron and ruthenium it have high coercivities and intrinsic coercivities and may be reached. Samarium monosulphide is one of the most tensosensitive materials. It is used in tensosensors, for instance in mechanical stress measurements.

In nuclear energy samarium is as neutron absorber used in nuclear plants control, since its neutron capture cross-section is bigger than 6800. In difference of other elements with high capture section samarium is not burnt out due to daughter isotopes which also have high capture section. Samarium oxide, hexaboride, carbide and borate are used.

Samarium oxide is used in optical glass to absorb infrared light. With its high heat resistance and high melting point Samarium oxide is good as fireproof material.

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