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Samarium in PDB, part 1 (1-30), PDB files 1a3c - 4f3v

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Samarium (Sm) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Samarium atoms.
PDB files 1-30 (1a3c - 4f3v):
  1. 1a3c - Pyrr, the Bacillus Subtilis Pyrimidine Biosynthetic Operon Repressor, Dimeric Form
  2. 1a4z - Aldehyde Dehydrogenase From Bovine Mitochondria Complex With Nad (Reduced) and Samarium (III)
  3. 1bix - The Crystal Structure Of The Human Dna Repair Endonuclease HAP1 Suggests the Recognition of Extra-Helical Deoxyribose At Dna Abasic Sites
  4. 1cx8 - Crytal Structure Of the Ectodomain of Human Transferrin Receptor
  5. 1dkh - Crystal Structure of the Hemophore Hasa, pH 6.5
  6. 1dt6 - Structure of Mammalian Cytochrome P450 2C5
  7. 1exz - Structure of Stem Cell Factor
  8. 1lt7 - Oxidized Homo Sapiens Betaine-Homocysteine S-Methyltransferase in Complex With Four Sm(III) Ions
  9. 1qat - 1-Phosphatidylinositol-4,5-Bisphosphate Phosphodiesterase Delta Complex With Samarium (III) Chloride
  10. 1qjm - Crystal Structure Of A Complex of Lactoferrin With A Lanthanide Ion (SM3+) At 3.4 Anstrom Resolution
  11. 1r14 - Carbohydrate Recognition and Neck Domains of Surfactant Protein A (Sp- A) Containing Samarium
  12. 1soi - Crystal Structure of Nudix Hydrolase DR1025 in Complex With Sm+3
  13. 1tvg - X-Ray Structure of Human PP25 Gene Product, HSPC034. Northeast Structural Genomics Target HR1958.
  14. 1uzp - Integrin Binding CBEGF22-TB4-CBEGF33 Fragment of Human Fibrillin-1, Sm Bound Form CBEGF23 Domain Only.
  15. 1xr5 - Crystal Structure of the Rna-Dependent Rna Polymerase 3D From Human Rhinovirus Serotype 14
  16. 1yzr - Manganese Peroxidase-Sm(III) Complex
  17. 2anv - Crystal Structure of P22 Lysozyme Mutant L86M
  18. 2anx - Crystal Structure of Bacteriophage P22 Lysozyme Mutant L87M
  19. 2e0y - Crystal Structure Of the Samarium Derivative of Mature Gamma- Glutamyltranspeptidase From Escherichia Coli
  20. 2hyz - Crystal Structure of An 8 Repeat Consensus Tpr Superhelix (Orthorombic Crystal Form)
  21. 2o3h - Crystal Structure of the Human C65A Ape
  22. 2o5w - Structure of the E. Coli Dihydroneopterin Triphosphate Pyrophosphohydrolase in Complex With Sm+3 and Pyrophosphate
  23. 2tcl - Structure Of the Catalytic Domain of Human Fibroblast Collagenase Complexed With An Inhibitor
  24. 2vzy - Crystal Structure of RV0802C From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in An Unliganded Form.
  25. 2wjd - Crystal Structure of the Tyrosine Phosphatase CPS4B From Steptococcus Pneumoniae TIGR4.
  26. 2x3l - Crystal Structure of the ORN_LYS_ARG Decarboxylase Family Protein SAR0482 From Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
  27. 2x6c - Potassium Channel From Magnetospirillum Magnetotacticum
  28. 3klt - Crystal Structure of A Vimentin Fragment
  29. 4afp - The Structure Of Metacaspase 2 From T. Brucei Determined in the Presence of Samarium
  30. 4f3v - Crystal Structure Of N-Terminal Domain Of ECCA1 Atpase From Esx-1 Secretion System of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis


We would like to acknowledge that these pictures of PDB structures of Samarium coordination spheres were produced with valuable advice from our colleagues from
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